Pamukkale Natural Park - Cotton Castle

Pamukkale Natural Park - Cotton Castle

Turkey Trip Planner is a family, We prepare turkey tour packages with top guides to give you unforgettable experiences in Pamukkale, Turkey's most popular tourist center. We have preliminary information on Pamukkale which is the most popular of the Turkey tours.


Pamukkale is located 18km (11 miles) north Denizli (map). Its natural beauty makes it Turkey's most popular mineral-bath spa. Hot calcium-laden waters come from all over the globe and cascade down a cliff. They cool and form dramatic travertines, which are made of calcium crystals that become pools.

The Cotton Fortress is a Turkish name. It was built around a holy warm-water spring and has been used as a spa ever since the Romans established Hierapolis. It still contains marble columns from the Roman Temple of Apollo. You can swim in it for a fee.

Pamukkale's white limestone travertines, which are made of calcium travertines, have been described as "stunning", unreal and "otherworldly". The name also literally means "cotton castle" (Turkish). Pamukkale, which attracts nearly 2 million tourists annually, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. Turkey attracted approximately 45 million visitors worldwide in 2018, and 51 million in 2019.

Today, the Remains of the old city include baths and temple ruins. Pamukkale formed from a spring with high hydrogen carbonate content that poured over the sting of a mountain cliff. The water cooled and hardened, leaving behind white-coloured calcium deposits as well as aquamarine-rich water.

Tips For Visiting Pamukkale Hot Pools

  • Tourists usually travel to the coast for a Pamukkale Tour. They arrive in the early morning or late afternoon. It's a good idea to avoid these times.
  • There are three entrance gates, but we recommend the one closest to the village. This will allow you to start from the bottom and then walk up through the terraces, taking in the stunning views.
  • You should bring a bag to store your shoes, as they can't be worn on terraces.
  • There are no change rooms, so make sure to wear your bathers underneath your clothes.
  • To dry your skin, you will also need a towel.
  • You should wear sunglasses as the travertine glare can be intense.
  • The highest point has a lovely area with a restaurant, where you can rest and enjoy a meal or a drink.
  • Do not forget your camera
  • One safety tip for your Pamukkale vacation: Be careful. Some limestone pieces and the travertine floor might be slippery.

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