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Discover Turkey

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  • 16/03/2022
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The Turkey we all know today was born out of the large Turkish Empire that when dominated several continents. It's been an area of cultural and historical value for many years, moreover as a preferred location for a variety of travellers and antiquarians in search of ancient sites and cultures. With the sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, the sea to the south and therefore the Sea of Marmara to the northwest, the geography of Turkey is diverse, featuring high central plateaus and coastal plains, mountain ranges and rivers. For those that enjoy different water sports, there's an enormous range of both coastal and inland things to try to to, which should cater for everyone's tastes, whether amateur or professional. As far as holidays go there are numerous options from package options to tours, cruises and walking tours.

Water Sports Tourism

Kayaking and rafting trips bring the delights of Turkey's rivers to the fore, with stretches suitable for beginners to tougher waters for the more established. a number of the simplest rivers for rafting include the froth rapids of Coruh, Barhal, and Zamanti. For coastal kayaking, the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts provide a warm, temperate conditions and a variety of spectacular coastlines to look at, whether you would like to tackle the surf or go sightseeing from the water in a very guided party from one in all the numerous marinas along the Turkish coast.


As would be expected from a coast that enjoys deal mild water temperatures all year round, diving is extremely popular along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey, although it's recommended divers follow local codes and regulations. For fun above the surface, and with great wind conditions around some stunning bays round the Bodrum and Datca peninsulas, Turkey boasts a number of the most effective windsurfing within the Mediterranean.

Well worth a visit, especially for beginners to water based wind sports, is Alacati. This Aegean town features a coast with an oversized shallow area of water, which is right for learning to windsurf. After every day on the water, like many elderly Turkish towns Alacati features some great bars and restaurants serving a spread of authentic and exotic dishes similarly as vineyards, historic buildings and lots of space to relax by the water and admire the scenery. What's fascinating about Turkey is that it's quite just great beaches and exciting things to do; all around is that the backdrop of history and culture, the varied architecture of both eastern and western influence, and ranging artistic and cultural styles from region to region.

Sports Facilities

An advantage of paying holidays in Turkey is that this can be not just a beach holiday location and has way more to supply those that wish to be more active. From the rugged coasts to the mountain ranges, activity choices include sailing, mountain biking, even skiing, all with a backdrop of culture and history. The vast stretches of meadows within the Toros Mountains feature a spread of flora and wildlife, and guided walks are getting increasingly popular during this area.

Getting to Turkey is now very convenient. Whether you would like idyllic fishing coves or beautiful valley scenery and concrete history, Turkey has it all. With a reputation for excellence, Turkish villas also offer the discerning visitor actuality feel of Turkish home life combined with luxurious modern convenience, echoing this county's reputation for combining two cultures. Variety of low cost airlines now fly to Turkey from the united kingdom, with flights landing at variety of airports that make aiming to the most resorts very easy. With some great places to remain and atmospheric condition all year round, Turkey is right for a spread of water sports and outdoor pursuits.

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