Reasons for Coming to Turkey

Reasons for Coming to Turkey

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  • 15/03/2022
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Turkey History

With origins from the word 'strong' within the old Turkish language, Turkey has been home to human habitation for extended than anywhere else on earth. The realm has been settled since Neolithic times by a spread of peoples. The initial land of the Turks stretched across Central Asia, and today's culture has Chinese, Indian, geographic area and European influences.

One major story of the history of Turkey is that the Turkish Empire - A Ottoman Empire that at the peak of its power within the 16th and 17th Centuries stretched across 3 continents, It gradually lost power during the 19th Century and what was left of it became the Republic of Turkey in 1923.

Today Turkey could be a thriving democracy, and for many years has been a favoured holiday destination for people desperate to combine great Mediterranean beaches, varied and cultured towns and cities, with an amazing range of places to go to and explore.


The capital of Turkey and its largest city is Istanbul. Often considered the place where East and West meet and infuse. it's extrovert in character - its unique identity of colourful history and dynamic contemporary style reaches dead set the visitor. These contrasts don't collide, they converge, with the Bosphurus - a good river that divides the side with the West - marking out this almost momentous indicator of where one huge culture meets another. Two big bridges cross the river and every side has its own myriad of characteristics, with the old town within the European side popular for tourist accommodation, and famous sites like the Blue Mosque well worth visiting.

Away from the bustle of city life, Turkey boasts a range of outstanding national parks, with the Kacker Mountain parkland, by the sea coast, featuring a spread of wildlife and a few stunning scenery. Alpine villages offer quality accommodation for hikers and offer a singular insight into the day-to-day lifetime of the realm. Other national parks feature a large diversity of geological wonders, nature reserves, and tranquil lakes.

With a proud tradition of dance and music, Turkey's folk culture plays a large role in way of life that varies from region to region. With influences from the west and therefore the east, Turkish music blends European classical tones with Eastern styles. Art is clear around Turkey, with museums and art galleries offering a variety of works for visitors and locals alike.

For Food Lovers 

Holidays in Turkey mean the visitor is treated to a novel blend of Eastern and Mediterranean recipes, and truly deserves its status together of the world's best. The good feature of Turkish cities is, as they need grown and drawn in people from the regions, they need also drawn within the fabulous form of local cuisines. Vine leaves, bread and rice are a staple accompaniment to some excellent, and infrequently rich, lamb and fish dishes. Istanbul is very regarded for its seafood restaurants.

The Turkish way of life is simply as varied and vibrant, with Eastern and Western - or the familiar and therefore the less familiar - blending to make a welcoming and extrovert culture. Uniquely for a rustic with a large and interesting Islamic influence, in Turkey religion is widely known yet kept private, and tolerance and variety prevail.

Hotels in Turkey range from the fashionable to nobility, each with their own charm and tackle their surroundings. With a fine climate all year round and a few fascinating sights and sounds, Turkey's appeal extends far beyond the coastal holiday areas and warm Mediterranean waters.

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