Forgotten Cave Churches

Forgotten Cave Churches

Who knows what number of places of worship and churches are covered up in the Cappadocian valleys? The most popular might be inside the Goreme Open-Air Museum yet any place you go you will discover different temples – and frequently you will have them totally to yourself.

At the Cavusin old town, the congregation of St. John the Baptist ascends on the slope. The congregation was worked in the fifth century and it is the greatest cavern church of Cappadocia despite the fact that it was separated into three rooms in tenth century against peril of crumbling. The greater part of the frescoes of St. John the Baptist church are blurred by smoke yet there are still some noticeable ones. Its house of God like extents are additionally surprising.

Cavusin (Nicephorus Phocas) Church: This barrel-vaulted church, with one nave and three apses, is arranged 2.5km from Goreme on the Goreme-Avanos street. Its narthex is crumpled. The congregation was worked around 964/965.

Scenes: On the vault are the Annunciation, Visitation, Proof of the Virgin, Flight into Egypt, Joseph’s Dream Ii, Blessing and Mission of the Apostles, Adoration of the Magi, Massacre of the Innocents, Pursuit of Elizabeth, Killing of Zacharias; on the west divider are Entry into Jerusalem, Raising of Lazarus, Healing of the Blind Man, Descent from the Cross, Women at the Tomb; on the mass of the apse the Transfiguration; on the north apse Emperor Nicaphorus Phocas and his family, which held force and authority in Cappadocia.

Passage of St. John the Baptist Church, CappadociaRose Valley and Red Valley interfacing Goreme to Cavusin additionally has some cavern temples enriched with frescoes. The most significant ones are:

Uzumlu Church: The Uzumlu (Grape) Church is situated toward the start of the Red Valley, toward the west of the town of Ortahisar, around 1 km from the street. The pixie smokestack, wherein the Grape Church is found, is burrowed out like a religious complex where priests lived. The lower level of the pixie fireplace is the congregation and the upper level is a chamber – which can be seen from outside because of the halfway breakdown of the dividers with a cross alleviation on the roof. The Uzumlu church has a square arrangement with one apse and one nave. At the far endof the nave is a grave specialty. This congregation is additionally called The Church of St. Nichlitas because of the nearness of an engraving of St.Nichlitas in the devotion engraving of the congregation. The nave with a level roof is improved with rich embelishments. The orange-hued surface is designed with a cross made out of circles and square shapes and lots of grape and geometrical themes around it. The fringe is embellishments utilizing emblems with Maltese crosses. In spite of the fact that it isn’t demonstrated, the basic conviction is that this congregation goes back to the eighth or ninth century. Fresco Scenes in the Uzumlu (Grape) Church: On the apse the Enthroned Mary holding Baby Jesus and Archangels Michael and Gabriel by their sides, on the north and south sides of the nave twelve messengers and specialist holy people.

Hacli Kilise (Church with the Cross)Hacli Kilise (Church with the cross): Hacli Kilise (Church with the Cross) is situated in Red Valley and it is normally mistaken for Church with the Three Crosses in Rose Valley. The congregation situated on slope can be come to by a thin way. The slope where Hacli Kilise is found likewise has a marvelous perspective on the valley. The congregation has a solitary nave and apsis in synthronon style. There is an ideal acoustic in Hacli Kilise (Church with the cross). In the event that you climb in Red Valley beginning from Ortahisar dusk see point, you can see the congregation. Turkish Heritage Travel arranges climbing visits and customized private visits to numerous holy places of Cappadocia including St. John the Baptist, Cavusin (Nicephorus Phocas) Church, Uzumlu (Grape) Church and Hacli (Church with the Cross).

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